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Welcome to LoBotics Banking - a fintech software company

LoBotics Banking is an AI proprietary software to assist you in obtaining a commercial loan, commercial real estate loan, construction loan, or SBA loan approval faster and more efficiently from a lender, your local community bank, or a major financial institution. 

About Us

Banking Software Development

Banking done faster than human.

We will assist you on how to structure your  loan request, analyze your loan request, assign a loan rating and loan grading, which are determined through both artificial intelligence and supported by our highly skilled and trained commercial banking team with over 35 years of lending experience in the industry.  We want to improve your chances and probability in obtaining your Loan Approval for your new loan request.  We want to make it easier, faster, and simplier for YOU to apply for a commercial loan, commercial real estate loan, commercial construction loan, or a SBA loan with a premier lender or a financial institution.

AI Loan Approval Banking Software

Banking Intelligence at its Best.

Our proprietary banking AI software will analyze and review your loan request.  We will utilize the latest AI software, algorithm system, deep machine learning, data analytics, data mining, and over 35 years of lending experience to recommend to you the best way to structure your loan for  a Bank's final approval.  We will analyze the risks and current expected credit loss (independently), and give you a loan rating based on a scale of #1 to #5, and #1 grading being the "best" and highest loan rating.  We also work with Premier Lenders and Major Financial Institutions with our cutting-edge AI software in reviewing and monitoring portfolio loans, as well as in maintaining a Bank's existing loan portfolio for FDIC examiners.

LoBotics Banking AI software  is guaranteed to work faster and more efficiently than any loan officers in Town!

Banking Software Development

The Highest Banking Standard.

The business model of LoBotics Banking AI software is an online banking technology for faster loan decision.  LoBotics Banking is based on a proprietary algorithm and data analytics in processing, underwriting, analyzing, reviewing, managing and monitoring your major commercial loan, commercial real estate loan, commercial construction loan, SBA loan, and/or  your entire loan portfolio.  LoBotics Banking is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline your loan approval process to final loan decision in a matter of minutes.

"No way" said Dr. Watson!

LoBotics Banking is a Loan Officer AI machine vs. human being.  LoBotics Banking represents a Loan Officer "Robot", which is simply alot faster, smarter, more accurate and efficient than a human loan officer, and more easier to apply for your commercial loan, commercial real estate loan, commercial construction loan, or a SBA loan.  No more waiting for weeks and months for a loan decision from a bank and hearing protracted excuses from your local banker or loan officer.

How fast can your Lender and Bank approve your loan request?

LoBotics Banking is the loan committee for your loan request.  It will identify your loan's probability from less than 50% to as high as 95% in loan approval by any banks.  This is the ultimate credit risk analysis for your next major loan request.  Do you know what are your chances of getting your loan approved?

LoBotics Banking is an user-friendly software, which can process, analyze, review, and monitor credit risks and banking regulatory requirements better than any junior loan officers at your local bank.  There is no need to shop around for banks anymore.  Time is money so no more wasting valuable time with your human loan officer.  Just way too slow in making a loan decision and you are frustrated in submitting endless amount of paper work and financial documents to try to satisfy your friendly loan officer.  Now is the time to start using LoBotics Banking for your next major loan request.

As we develop and fine tune our proprietary banking software in the future, you can invite any members - premier lenders / financial institutions and banking examiners and banking regulators into your secured portal - cloud server to review your loan request or existing loan portfolio, financial information, tax returns, banking statements, FICO score, executed loan documents, legal documents for your entities, appraisal report, general contractor's construction contract agreement, architect's set of blue prints approved and stamped by the City, Phase 1 environmental site assessment report, soil and engineering report, final building permits, site inspection reports, fund control disbursement agreement, updated documents from your borrowers, etc.

(All loan information required to evaluate your new major loan or to maintain and monitor your existing loan portfolio are stored in the Cloud Storage Security with zero-knowledge encryption and updated on real-time and integrated into a single banking platform - cloud computing.  Log-in to the banking platform is done by biometrics utilizing either facial recognition, eyeris detection, voice identification, and/or  finger print verification.)

LoBotics Banking proprietary AI software also can assist the loan officer and your friendly local bankers in processing and underwriting your loan request more efficiently.  LoBotics Banking's ultimate goal is to replace the number of loan officers requried for originating new loans and the army of loan officers required to manage and maintain your current loan portfolio.  This is Loan Automation of the banking industry.  LoBotics Banking can assist your loan officers to monitor loan covenants and conditions, insurance coverage before expiration, financial ratios requirement, cash flow analysis, delinquent payments, loan maturity past due, debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), current loan-to-value ratio (LTV), potential loan risk downgrade, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), current expected credit loss (CECL), and all banking regulations.  Keeping your loan tickler system current is a "MUST" with bank examiners and FDIC banking regulators and examiners.  Syndication loan among major banks are managed, reviewed, and approved faster and serviced in a more timely manner.

LoBotics Banking and LoBoticsBank are trademark for its proprietary software program and SaaS platform using data analytics and algorithm system, as well as  its Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the banking industry and to change the attitude of loan officer's poor banking service, and to improve the cost effectiveness and efficiency of a loan officer's job duties and job functions versus a human loan officer at any banks and financial institutions.  This is the future of digital banking and mobile payment coming soon.  Our banking platform will revolutionize and change the way we do banking in the future.

We have created the cutting-edge technology to outperform any human loan officers in the World!  


Basic Annual Subscription - $8,500 flat rate plus 1.00% fee for loans up to $1,000,000 or less; Standard Annual Subscription - $30,000 plus 0.50% fee for loans up to $3,000,000 or less; Premium Annual Subscription - $65,000 plus 0.75% fee for loans up to $5,000,000 or less; Elite Annual Subscription - $120,000 plus 1.0% loan fee for loans up to $10 million or less; Six Sigma Annual Subscription - $250,000 plus 2.0% fee for loans up to $50,000,000 or less; Premier Lenders / Financial Institutions Annual Subscription - $165,000 plus 0.50% fee for existing loan portfolio and 1.0% loan fee (transaction fee) based on Total Loan Amount for new loan acquisition.